Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Take Action about the Guantánamo Hunger Strike

The LGC held the first demonstration anywhere about the current hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay on 17 March outside the US Embassy in London. While the US Department of Defense currently puts the number of hunger strikers at half of the 166 prisoners still held there and the mainstream media decided that it would only acknowledge the hunger strike more than 2 months after it started when military violence entered the picture on 13 April, the LGC has supported the position of the prisoners' lawyers throughout this non-violent protest, that since 6 February, almost all the prisoners have been on hunger strike: 

The LGC has held further actions, including a "hunger games" action to raise awareness of the issue and highlight the mainstream media's failure to do so across London on 6 April.

The LGC also held a solidarity demonstration on 18 April in response to the reports of violence that emerged on 13 April. At this demonstration, we were joined by Medea Benjamin from US organisation Code Pink and the 20 or so people attending held a discussion on what WE can do about the hunger strike. Many people have already raised this question to us.

The ideas in the videos - poor sound as it was windy - were that we should have an INTERNATIONAL day of fasting/protest action. We'd like to continue this discussion and have set it up on our Facebook page for discussion but we would also welcome discussion here. If you'd like to be a part of the international day of fasting (action) either as individual or a group anywhere, please e-mail us:
The mainstream media won't let us have this discussion but let's have it anyway. Please watch and share the videos and then share your thoughts on what WE should do!
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2 -
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4 -

Is there any point in taking action on the hunger strike? According to the US organisation World Can't Wait on 18 April:
"At this writing the Guantanamo hunger strike has surpassed 70 days. The situation there is ever more urgent after the Saturday April 13th assault on the hunger strikers. The London Guantanamo Campaign put it like this, “Either by U.S. military force or organ failure through lack of food, this hunger strike is likely to become fatal.”....

The prisoners' strike has put the illegitimacy of indefinite detention at GTMO in front of the world. The actions of World Can't Wait and a few other groups in this country are amplifying their voices. We must pump up the volume."

Watch this space for more details on the international day of fasting, organise your own and get involved!

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