Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Guantánamo Hunger Strike Twitter Storm Package: 4pm BST today!

********* DO NOT BEGIN TWEETING UNTIL 11:00 EST/ 12:00 CST/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CET *********
#GitmoFreedomStrike Twitterstorm Package!
Raise awareness through social media that Guantanamo Bay is still open and at least 130 of the remaining 166 prisoners have been on hunger strike since 6 February
Date & Time: Saturday, 6 April:  11:00 EST/ 12:00 CST/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CET
Length: 1 hour
Copy + Paste these tweets. Do not retweet, the hashtag will not trend.
If you are writing your own tweets, make sure to include the #GitmoFreedomStrike hashtag!
 Suggested Tweets:
#GitmoFreedomStrike is the only way out of Guantanamo in a coffin?
#GitmoFreedomStrike @BarackObama close Guantanamo or give back your Nobel peace prize 
#GitmoFreedomStrike @barackobama @whitehouse How many years must Guantanamo exist before the prisoners can be set free?
Whose hunger strike gets more attention?
#GitmoFreedomStrike @barackobama @DeptofDefense 130 prisoners at Guantanamo close to death: how long can you ignore them? And why? 
#GitmoFreedomStrike @barackobama show us a change we can believe in - shut down Guantanamo, make good on your promise
#GitmoFreedomStrike @guardian @BBCNews @CNN thanks for keeping us in the dark/ ignorance is strength 
#GitmoFreedomStrike @DeptofDefense @icrc_dc this is a hunger strike, not Weightwatchers; arbitrary detention, not a prison sentence
#GitmoFreedomStrike hungry for freedom, starving for their rights: 130 Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike since 6 February 
#GitmoHungerStrike @foreignoffice @Number10gov Shaker Aamer lost 30lb, on hunger strike for 3 months, what are you doing about it?
#GitmoFreedomStrike 11 years without charge or trial, with injustice and torture, 3 months on hunger strike - close Guantanamo now 

Why this Twitter storm?
Saturday 6th April marks the third month of the current hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, in response to worsening treatment of prisoners and desperation after over 11 years of detention without charge or trial for most of the prisoners. While the US military has retracted its original position denying any hunger strike, it now admits that around 40 men have been refusing food, with 11 being force fed to keep them alive. Lawyers for the prisons have consistently put that number at around 130, out of the 166 prisoners still held there; only the weak and elderly are not taking part. 

Lawyers having visited their clients recently have reported that the situation is “increasingly desperate”: the temperature has been turned down, water is being rationed to the hunger strikers and non-hunger strikers have been isolated to put pressure on those protesting. Blankets and additional clothing they may have has also been confiscated from them.

Most of the world is oblivious to what is going on due to poor reporting in the media. To raise awareness and show solidarity with the hunger strikers, the London Guantánamo Campaign will be leading an international Twitter storm at 11:00 EST/ 16:00 BST/ 17:00 CET for one hour. Further details, including the relevant hashtag and suggested tweets, will be provided here closer to the time. Please check here on Saturday for further information and details. You can follow the London Guantánamo Campaign on Twitter @shutguantanamo 

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