Tuesday, November 08, 2016

8 November: Unfinished Business: Demonstration to Mark US Presidential Elections

When elected in 2008, Obama pledged to close Guantánamo, but Guantánamo remains business as usual. Prisoner releases slowed to a trickle, kangaroo 'justice' persists with indefinite detention without trial for many who remain. Force feeding, beatings and brutality continue. In the presidential campaign neither of the two main candidates has addressed this issue. Guantanamo’s closure is not imminent…

The London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to join us for a demonstration:

on the evening of the US presidential election,
Tuesday 8 November 2016
At 6-8pm
Outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London
with Open Mic

In addition, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner has continued the USA’s never-ending wars, continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and bombing Libya and Syria with its European allies, including Britain. President Obama has shown himself to be particularly fond of remote control deaths by drone strikes.

A number of human rights issues of joint UK-US concern also continue, such as the one-sided extradition treaty Britain made with the US in 2003.

If you represent an organisation that wishes to raise a human rights issue of joint UK-US interest at our demonstration, please get in touch. 
For more details, e-mail london.gtmo@gmail.com or contact 07809 757 176


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