Friday, June 03, 2016

The Borders of Torture: 26 June Solidarity Vigil

The London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to join us at

The Borders of Torture 

26 June Solidarity Vigil for International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

On: Sunday 26 June 2016
At: 2-4pm
outside the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

The world is currently in the grip of a refugee crisis. Though many European states have contributed to creating the very contexts refugees are fleeing, they continue to ignore the plight of desperate individuals and families who seek refuge in their midst. Of those seeking refuge in Europe, a large proportion are survivors of torture in their home countries [1]. In addition, the journey to safety is often tortuous and can involve different forms of torture, violence and inhumane treatment. Large numbers are now being turned away at the borders of Europe and sent back to war and persecution at home. For many who enter, conditions in immigration detention centres [2] are often tantamount to inhumane and degrading treatment. 
26 June each year marks UN international day in support of victims of torture. We invite you to join us in solidarity with victims of torture worldwide and to call on governments to do more to support them. This includes ending the violence of our borders, and providing refuge where necessary. It also requires ensuring refugees are given adequate access to rehabilitation facilities wherever they are to help heal some of the physical and mental scars resulting from the various forms of torture to which they have been subjected.

Why is the London Guantánamo Campaign organising this event?
Since 2010, the London Guantánamo Campaign has marked this date with a public vigil in solidarity with ALL victims and survivors of torture worldwide. A large number of the remaining prisoners at Guantánamo are in a similar situation to the refugees arriving at Europe’s borders. All are survivors of or are currently subject to torture, and many cannot return home due to war and unrest, lacking a safe third country to which they can be sent. The largest group affected by this situation are the 20+ Yemenis cleared for release but who cannot be sent home. Several of the Yemenis recently accepted by third countries had been free to leave for over 10 years but had nowhere safe to go. 

The London Guantánamo Campaign believes that all torture victims have a right to redress and rehabilitation and must be given adequate means to obtain these.

For more details: e-mail or call Aisha on 07809 757 176

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