Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunday 25 August: London Guantánamo Campaign to mark 200 days of Guantánamo Hunger Strike

The current ongoing hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay will enter its 200th day on 25 August. To show solidarity with the prisoners and their families, and to raise awareness of their plight, the London Guantánamo Campaign will mark this date with two actions:

1: Action at the Notting Hill Carnival
Between 1 and 3pm, the London Guantánamo Campaign will visit the Notting Hill Carnival in west London with activists wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods and raising awareness about the hunger strike among the general public.
The Carnival is attended by over one million people each year and is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness, as well as coinciding with this date. We last held an action at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2008 when campaigning for local resident Binyam Mohamed; he returned to the UK in early 2009. His return was sought at the same time as that of Shaker Aamer, who remains at Guantánamo Bay, and on hunger strike. Why has he not returned as well?
We are looking for volunteers for this action. Please get in touch with us if you are attending and would like to get involved: by e-mail

2: Twitter storm at 6pm BST/ 1pm EST
The London Guantánamo Campaign will also hold a Twitter storm at 6pm BST to raise awareness. Full details will be provided on our website with the relevant hashtag and tweets for this purpose closer to the time. You can take part if you are on Twitter from anywhere in the world on an electronic device with internet access. Check out our website: or follow us on Twitter @shutguantanamo
Please contact us at the above e-mail address if you require any further details.

The current hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay has been ongoing since 6 February this year. While the number of prisoners taking part has recently been reported to have fallen to around 50 from a reported maximum of over100 prisoners, out of the remaining 166, held almost wholly without charge or trial for nearly12 years, this does not mean that the hunger strike is close to ending. Instead, the US now faces a larger hunger strike of over 1000 prisoners in California and has this week ruled to allow prisoners on hunger strike in prolonged solitary confinement there to be force fed in the same manner as at Guantánamo Bay. Join our actions and show your solidarity.
On 17 March, the London Guantánamo Campaign held the first demonstration anywhere in support of the Guantánamo hunger strikers and on the weekend of 17-19 May, we led an international weekend of action to mark the 100th day of the hunger strike
It is unfortunate that we will soon mark the 200th day of this dangerous and life-threatening action by prisoners held as hostages by the US administration for almost 12 years.
Join us in taking action – if you are planning an action elsewhere in the UK, please let us know about it.

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